Hey Mama

Say hey what? Hey Mama!
Guess what? It’s a girl! 🙂

There’s just so much goodness to sum up in today’s post as Nicolai and Toto shared with the rest of the universe their little bundle of joy, Isla Alinea!

Entering this new chapter in their lives as first time parents, family and friends have all gathered in anticipation and excitement the reveal on this secret Toto and Nicolai have kept for months. What could be more fitting with the air of festivities than to glam up the entire venue with a feel of the tropics from the tiniest of details to the scrumptious meals up to the games and drinks! 🙂

It was surely a sight to witness as everyone shouted in love and glee upon finding out that a little baby girl is on the way. Oh and did we mention that Nicolai also celebrated another year in her life on this special day too? 🙂 Talk about love and blessings all over!

Spend your Sunday with us as we relive this wonderful occasion 🙂


Video: The Spark Series / Sailboat gender reveal: Dekko & Made by Lai / Food & Venue: K by Cunanan (Nina Mendoza) / Styling: Tipping Point Collective x K by Cunanan / Host: Chico Barretto and Avi Melicor / L&S: Tatstone (Biboy Villacorta) / Invitation design: The Parchment Stories